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Daily Tip

Pat yourself on the back because you’ve worked very hard and made some amazing progress. I want you post about one personal challenge or roadblock you overcame throughout the last two weeks in our private 15 Day Fit Body Challenge Facebook group. I can’t wait to hear about the great accomplishments you and your other participants have achieved, I love celebrating successes!

The purpose of these re-charge days is to fuel your body back up and give it the strength and energy it needs to continue on for another round. We want you feeling good and capable. You can totally do this!

Remember, we aren’t doing a treat meal this weekend and there won’t be another until the challenge is over (which is only 4 days from now). Stay committed, you are doing so well!

I challenge you to focus on your sleeping habits and commit to getting as much of it as you can. Set a bedtime alarm to let you know when to head to dreamland if you have to!

Look at when you’ll wake up, go to bed, and workout tomorrow. Plan your meals around those times and assign exact meal times to them. Write them in your planner or on your phone. Set an alarm on your phone for each meal.

Make a list of any areas you feel you didn’t give 100% this last week. Did you skimp on your water intake? Snack on stuff you shouldn't have? Skip meals or workouts? Take that list and set a few specific goals to address those areas. Whatever that goal might be just write it down and put it in a place where you’ll see it often! I’d love for you to post your goal to our private 15 Day Fit Body Challenge Facebook group so we can motivate one another!

Aim to get a lot of sleep tonight. If you’re feeling extra sore, take an epsom salts bath with 2 C. epsom salts in your bath water, soak for 20 minutes. This will work wonders! I also like to stretch and foam roll when I’m sore. Try these foam rolling techniques to help you out.

Weigh in on the MORNING of your treat meal, before you eat it!

Remove words like “never”, “if”, and “can’t” from your vocabulary. If you notice yourself dipping into negative self-talk, turn it around and aim to keep things positive.

The quick weight loss of these first two days will slow down over the course of the next week. Your weight may stay the same, it might drop a bit more, or it might even fluctuate up a little. All of these things are normal. As you add carbs back in and drink your gallon of daily water, your body will adjust and your water balance will normalize. You will continue to lose fat during this time, but it might not show up on the scale at first so don’t stress about it.

Add some extra salt to your food whenever you increase your water. As you get used to a higher water intake, you won’t need the extra salt because your body will adjust.

You should be doubling your water OR drinking a gallon of water - whichever is more! Cap your water at one and a half gallons. So, if you currently drink a gallon of water a day only jump up to a gallon and a half.

Have you shopped for and prepped your food yet? If not, that’s your assignment today! Check out the low carb and moderate day plans and choose which plan(s) you’d like to try out first! Make your shopping list and head out to the store! It will make your life SO much more simple if you prep some of your food in advance! So when you get home from the store, throw some chicken and steak on the grill, rice in the rice cooker and chop up some veggies! The more you prepare TODAY, the easier this next week will be, I promise!

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