Introducing IdealLean Butterscotch Protein by Lindsey Mathews

Having helped create IdealLean Protein from the beginning, our amazing female of fitness, Trainer Lindsey brings you our moreish Butterscotch Protein! Deliciously smooth, bursting with creamy toffee flavours and will keep the sweet cravings at bay. Stock up on your guilt-free sugar fix for a limited time only!

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Introducing IdealLean Matcha Protein by Amy Hughes

If anyone know how to fuel their workouts properly, it’s our girl Amy, who holds a world record for running the most marathons in 7 days. We’ve combined green tea extract with our deliciously smooth IdealLean recipe to bring you Amy’s Limited Edition Matcha Protein.

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Introducing IdealLean Chai Protein by Karina Elle

Ditch your Chai Latte and pick up Karina’s IdealLean Chai Protein to fuel your workouts instead. We’ve combined smooth and subtle vanilla flavours with a hint of spice to give you an authentic creamy, chai tasting protein!

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