10 Body Weight Exercises That You Should Include in Your Weight Training

10 Body Weight Exercises That You Should Include in Your Weight Training

If you’re looking to increase lean muscle and lose body fat them weight training is a great method to incorporate into your gym routine. But when it comes to weight training its super easy to fall into a 12 reps 3 sets, 5 day split, low intensity rut! The truth is, weight training is great but in order to increase your physical fitness and functional fitness cardio and body weight movements are a must.

By incorporating body weight movements into your routine you can increase your workout intensity, get in some cardio and increase your fitness in one session. To help you, we’ve highlighted the best movements to incorporate into your routine below!

Squat Jumps and Box Jumps

If you’re training legs and squatting at the bar, squat jumps and box jumps are two great functional body weight movements to add into your routine. By super setting your weighted movements with these cardio based exercises you’ll really push your glues, quads and hamstrings.

Top Tip: Try super setting and adding in 15 – 20 squat jumps or 60 seconds of squat jumps straight after your barbell squats before resting until your next set.

squat jumps

Jumping Lunges

Similarly to squat jumps, jumping lunges are also a great way to really push muscle endurance in your leg session whilst working up a sweat and getting out of breath.

Top Tip: Perform 60 seconds of jumping lunges after every set of leg extensions or Bulgarian split squats.

lunge jumps


So many of us hate burpees right? But you should really love to hate them because they’re a great all over body weight movement! You can add burpees into any weight session to really increase your heart rate.

Top Tip: Perform 20-25 or 60 seconds of burpees in between sets of any weight exercise. We advise combining burpees with lat pull downs or bent over rows.


Squat Thrusters & Plank Jacks

Squat thrusters are a great and effective movement for cardio and for your abs too. While you can combine this movement when training any muscle, it’s a great exercise for when you’re working your abs! Plank jacks are also great for testing your core strength!

Top Tip: For every ab exercise, try adding 60 seconds of squat thrusters or plank jacks in between!

plank jacks squat thrusters

Mountain Climbers & Knee to Elbow

Two exercises that can really work your abs and strengthen your core are mountain climbers and knee to elbows. Mountain climbers are great for getting in some intense cardio. Knees to elbow planks are a good way to work your abs and strengthen your core.

Top Tip: Increase the intensity of your arm workouts or bicep and shoulder exercises by adding in 60 seconds of knee to elbow or fast mountain climbers. But be prepared to push your shoulder strength!

knee to elbow mountain climbers

Push Ups & Tricep Dips

If you’re working your chest and triceps, adding push ups and tricep dips are great for increasing your functional fitness and body weight strength.

Top Tip: Try super setting your chest press or flyes with 30 seconds of push ups! Super set overhead tricep extensions or kickbacks with 30 seconds of tricep dips to really get the muscle working!

push ups

Sophie Angell

Sophie Angell

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