Can Protein Help Me Lose Weight?

We all know that protein is an essential part of your diet and for those of you looking to tone up or smash your fitness goals, I’m sure you are already stocking up on your favourite flavours for Summer. However, for those of you looking to lose weight, it may or may not have occurred to you that protein actually plays a huge role in that too!

Meet Protein: the King of nutrients!

Ok, so here at IdealFit we might be guilty of loving protein a little too much, but there are some very good reasons for it!

1. It has the nutrients without the calories

Protein keeps you fuller for longer as it slows down digestion, meaning you aren’t reaching for a snack an hour later. In addition, it’s pretty much low in calories. Whether you are having a protein shake or a chicken breast to up your protein intake, the calorie intake that comes with it is relatively low.

2. Protein can help to stabilise your blood sugar levels

Another reason protein is so good for weight loss is that it curbs those sugar cravings we are all guilty of getting. Having a good amount of protein in a healthy, balanced diet of good fats and complex carbs allows your body to normalise its blood sugar levels. What does this mean exactly? Instead of feeling insanely full one minute and the next diving into a bag of Maltesers, you feel satisfied and are less likely to crave those sugary treats.

3. You can burn more energy consuming protein

Known as the ‘Thermic Effect of Food’, our body uses energy to digest the food we put into it. The rate that this thermic effect happens is much higher with the consumption of protein than it is compared to carbs and fat. This meaning that you actually burn more calories by eating it! So fewer calories in, more calories out – seems like a no-brainer if you ask us!

trainer lindsey lose weight with protein

4. Protein helps to prevent muscle loss while promoting weight loss

Often, when people lose weight, they lose valuable muscle too. Having protein in your diet helps to avoid this from happening as it aids muscle growth and repair, while you are trying to lose weight. Upping your protein intake can help your body lose fat, as opposed to muscle, meaning you can slim down, without shedding lean muscle mass.

5. Protein helps to prevent metabolic slowdown and fuel fat burning

When people lose weight, they often find their metabolism slows down and they are actually burning fewer calories than they were before! However, consuming the right protein keeps up the calorie intake in your body, without adding detrimental carbs and fats to your diet, in order to ensure your metabolism is working efficiently. In addition, fat burning can only effectively happen when your body receives the right amount of carbs and protein. Increasing your protein intake can actually fuel the fat-burning process, leading to greater weight loss.

Protein shakes are one of the best ways to increase your protein intake without sacrificing fats or calories. IdealLean protein has just 103 calories per serving, comes in a delicious range of flavours AND we even have our own Vegan Protein Range now too, so that there is something to suit all of your fitness and weight loss goals in 2018. 

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Sophie Angell

Sophie Angell

Writer and expert

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