How to Make the Most of your Workout (Every Time!)

How to Make the Most of your Workout (Every Time!)

We all know that the gym isn’t a place for excuses. When it comes to working out, it really is down to you to put the effort in and make a change. Half-hearted gym sessions don’t produce results, so it’s important to really try and make the most of your workout every time.

That doesn’t mean spending hours in the gym. So many of my clients make the mistake of thinking that if they spend an hour in the gym, they’ve succeeded in their workout. I constantly have to remind them that it’s quality over quantity. 20 minutes of HIIT training can produce much more impressive results than an hour of steady cardio.

But how do you find the energy to do a HIIT session all the time? It’s all about your pre-workout routine. Here’s a few hints to get you pumped for your workout so you have a killer session every time!


Make the Most Of Your Workout


1. Get Plenty of Sleep

You should aim to get seven to nine hours of sleep every single night. It’s your body’s natural way of recharging its own batteries. This is especially crucial when you are training, because sleep is also when your body repairs muscle tissue that’s been broken down during exercise.

“You give your body the chance to repair, recharge, and regrow during sleep,” says wellness expert Dr. Felecia Stoler, DCN, MS, RD, RACSM. “It’s the ideal time to replenish nutrients, and since your body isn’t moving, it allows the muscles to repair themselves.”

And when you get the right amount of quality sleep, you’ll have the energy to get through a tough workout, which is important because exercise and sleep have a mutually beneficial relationship.

According to the National Sleep Foundation, “People sleep significantly better and feel more alert during the day if they get at least 150 minutes of exercise a week.” That’s about 30 minutes of exercise four to five times a week.

The more quality sleep you get, the better your workouts will be, and the better your workouts are, the better your sleep gets! It’s a win win situation.

2. Eat a Balanced Pre-Workout Meal

To make the most of your workout you need to make sure that you properly fuel your body. You wouldn’t expect your car to get anywhere without any petrol, so don’t expect your body to either. This is especially true for those of us that workout in the morning since you haven’t fueled your body in several hours.

A balanced pre-workout meal consists of protein and simple and complex carbs. The protein will help support the repair of your muscle tissue and the simple and complex carbs will keep you going through your entire workout. Keep this meal low in fat.

Aim to eat this meal 30-90 minutes before your workout. I really like proats (porridge/protein powder) with blueberries and a drizzle of honey.  Alternatively, if I’m struggling for time, I’ll just whip a protein shake with IdealLean Protein and a banana, it’s so tasty and convenient.

IdealFit how to make the most out of your workout

3. Take a Pre-Workout Supplement

Pre-workout supplements are a great way to step up the intensity. Just be careful about which one you take. A lot of pre-workout supplements are basically just an expensive caffeine supplement.

A good pre-workout, on the other hand, will contain caffeine to pump up your energy as well as other ingredients designed to help increase endurance, blood flow, and focus.

IdealLean Pre-Workout contains ingredients to do all of these things! It’s not just about having enough energy to get through the workout, it’s about helping you to make the most of your workout even more so than you could without it.

4. Create a Killer Playlist

Not only is a good playlist fun to make and listen to, but it really can help you up the ante!

“Music distracts people from pain and fatigue, elevates mood, increases endurance, reduces perceived effort and may even promote metabolic efficiency. When listening to music, people run farther, bike longer and swim faster than usual—often without realising it,” said Ferris Jabr in an article from the Scientific American.

And, when you include fast paced songs you’ll actually up the intensity of your workout because you’ll subconsciously try to keep up with the beat of the music.

5. Wear nice Workout Gear

Another surprising way to make the most of your workout is to treat yourself to some new workout gear! I know a lot of ladies that exude confidence when they’re wearing their favorite new outfit. When you look good, you feel good.

I swear that not only will you feel more motivated and confident when you’re wearing cute workout clothes, your performance will improve as well! This makes keeping track of your workout clothes doubly important. I can’t tell you how many times I was running late the entire day because I couldn’t find the “right” workout clothes in the morning.

So, keep track of your favorite exercise outfits so that you can get the most out of your workout and your day.


6. Drink Plenty of Water

Water is essential for your overall health. According to the NHS you should aim to 6-8 glasses of water a day (around 2 litres) to keep your body running at peak capacity, particularly when you’re exercising. If you do allow yourself to get dehydrated it can have a major impact on your workout. Dehydration can sap your energy causing you to feel sluggish, tired or even faint.

If staying hydrated is a challenge for you try mixing things up to make your water easier to drink. Adding lemons or limes to your water is a great way to add flavour. For added flavour and major benefits, add IdealLean BCAAs to your water. They come in delicious Blueberry Pomegranate, Raspberry Lemonade and Peach Tea (vegan) so you won’t get bored with what’s in your water bottle. IdealLean BCAAs are not only delicious, they’re also just 7 calories per serving! Plus they contain amino acids to help you recover faster and coconut water powder for a big hydration boost!

Bringing It All Together

Getting a great workout and the best possible results doesn’t have to be complicated. With these 6 simple tips, you can make the most of your workout and have a great session every single time! When every workout to the best of your capability, you’ll feel a lot more motivated to keep hitting the gym. And with that kind of consistency, you’ll start seeing the results you want.


Then, to maximise the results of your workout, include BCAAs in your workout regimen. With just 5 calories and a low sugar content, they will help you work towards your ideal.

Improve your workout recovery, get lean, and hydrated with IdealFit BCAAs. 


Lindsey Mathews

Lindsey Mathews

Head Trainer

Certified nutritionist, personal trainer and head ambassador at IdealFit.

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