5 of The Best Glute Exercises in the Gym | Bigger Bum Exercises

Girl doing hip thrusts with barbell in the gym

I probably speak for a lot of girls when I say that we would all love curvier more uplifted glutes! Having your goal in mind is the first step, but where to start can be the hurdle most of us get stuck
behind ‐ especially in the gym! So what are the best Glute Exercises in the Gym?

The 3 Bigger Glute Commandments

1. Resistance training is KEY!

2. Consistency & Progressive Overload. It is possible to build your glutes and create that more rounded shape with resistance training but you’ve got to be consistent in your training and progressively add weight as your body adapts. Try adding in a resistance band for a more intense workout.

3. Activation & Form. It also important to activate your muscles before and ensure that your technique is right in every exercise. When training the glutes, if you don’t fully engage the right muscles your back will lead which can cause injuries in the future. Resulting in your glutes becoming lazy andnot firing properly. In which case, you end up strengthening your back and often your quads.Strengthening the glutes is important for keeping the hips stable when you do other lower‐body exercises like walking or running—which ultimately helps support other body parts, like your lower back.

My 5 Best Glute Exercises


Sumo Squat ‐ when factored into a weight training program, squats give you fast gains in size and strength. They place more emphasis on the glutes, encouraging them to work even harder. Aim for a wider stance than usual to feel the full effect on your glutes!

Girl doing SUmo Squat in the gym


Deadlift – the deadlift can be classed as one of the best full body exercises. As you are including several muscle groups it focuses hugely on strength, allowing you to go heavier each session. This
places more stress and work through the glutes, resulting in that a more shapely glute area!

Girl doing Deadlift in the gym


Hip thrust ‐ the glutes are activated to a much greater degree with this exercise. They are great for increasing strength, muscle size and aesthetics of the glutes.

Girl doing hip thrusts with barbell in the gym


Abductor Machine ‐ when abducting the hip, we target all three muscles within the glutes. Adding this onto the end of your glute workout is a great way to tire those muscles out completely.

Girl doing hip abductor in the gym


Box Squat Jumps ‐ they are a great plyometric exercise for your glutes because of the power that is needed during the movement. They encourage your muscles to fire quicker and more efficiently.

Girl doing box jumps in the gym




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