Why Am I Always Tired? 6 Reasons Why You Feel Tired

Why Am I Always Tired? 6 Reasons Why You Feel Tired

If you’re always feeling tired, reaching for the coffee can be a common habit. Coffee is great and a lifesaver when we have the odd day and need a pick me up. But if you’re always tired and feel reliant on caffeine just to stay awake there may be some bigger reason why!

As females in fitness its important not to ignore our body. That’s why we’ve outlined some possible reasons why you might be feeling tired all of the time.

1. Lack of Sleep

Okay, Okay – obvious right?? You may just be going to bed a bit later than you should be which is causing you to be extra tired, but a chronic lack of sleep and insomnia may be caused by several other issues. For example training late at night can cause a surge is cortisol and adrenaline which can actually keep you awake! So if you’ve noticed a lack of sleep after training at night its advised to change your routine. Try low intensity exercise at night and doing anything high intensity in the morning or during the da


y. Not only that, but being stressed can have a big effect on sleep – try taking some time to unwind before bed.

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2. You’re Not Eating Enough or Exercising Too Much!

If you’ve been dieting to get ready for that holiday or event, you may be feeling pretty run down. Its important to remember diets are not maintainable and they are short term ways to get fast results. Fast results can leave you feeling drained – especially if you keep going down that same road and become addicted to getting results. Dieting for too long means your body is not getting enough calories – which also means a lack of nutrients!

Not only that, but exercising too much also requires energy. So when we combine dieting and excessive exercise, theres a formula for exhaustion right there. Try and be honest with yourself – have you exercised enough today? Could you do with a refeed and maybe gradually bring your calories back up? Sometimes the results are not worth feel exhausted, deprived and well sacrificing health!

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3. You’re Eating too Much Junk Food

Eating foods high in fat and sugar can leave us feeling sluggish and tired. This is because sugar and refined carbs can spike our blood sugar and insulin levels causing a sharp rise in energy, followed by a big drop. To feel more energised its important to consume a diet which has a good balance of carbs, fats and protein to help keep your blood sugar levels constant.

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4. Vitamin & Mineral Deficiencies


Whether your over indulging on junk food or restricting and over training – both can lead to being deficient in vitamins and minerals. When we exercise our demand for vitamins and minerals is increase. That means you need MORE food and more nutrition! Feeling tired all the time can be a side effect of several deficiencies. Some common deficiencies are: Iron, magnesium, vitamin B, zinc and vitamin D. For example, a lack of iron can result in a condition called anemia – which can leave you feeling very weak. You can easily find out any nutritional deficiencies through a blood test from your GP.


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5. Food Intolerances & IBS

Oh yes – food intolerances CAN cause you to feel tired! When you suffer from IBS, whether its lactose intolerance or stress, physical symptoms such as bloating, headaches and digestive problems can leave you feeling tired. The best way to deal with your intolerances is to make a diary of when they occur and your triggers and contact you GP about an elimination diet.

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6. Stress, Depression & Anxiety

Believe it or not, by having an over active mind and feeling down all the time – you can become mentally drained. Depression and anxiety can make it super hard to fall asleep at night and can make you feel pretty tired in the day. If you think you may suffer from anxiety and depression its best to seek advice from your GP. Self help practices such as meditation before bed and during the day and spending time with friends is a great place to start to help you unwindand relax more.

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Sophie Angell

Sophie Angell

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