Beat the Bloat: Top Tips to get Back on Track After the Weekend

Weekends are a time to relax, switch off from a busy week and socialise with friends and family. For all of us, it can sometimes mean lots of food and drink and not a huge amount of exercise, which in turn can leave you sluggish and looking to beat the bloat when Monday comes around.

That bottle (or 5) of red wine on Saturday night might have seemed a good idea at the time and of course the McDonalds you inhaled to soak it up was, at the time, super, but come Monday and we’re suddenly left feeling guilty, bloated and slightly regretful. Now that’s not to say everything in moderation isn’t fine and it is important to enjoy yourself on weekends, but if you do go overboard, here’s how to get back on track and de-bloat after an indulgent couple of days.

1. Forgive and Forget

Ok, so no this isn’t going to reduce the bloating or the physical effects of everything you put away over the weekend, but it will allow you to feel better about it and mentally prepare yourself to get back into healthy habits. What we’re saying is, it is FINE to overindulge every now and then and we have ALL been there! So the best thing is to forgive yourself, forget it happened and continue to get back on track with your usual healthy regime. A couple of days of indulgence is not going to un-do weeks or months of hard work!

2. Pack in the Potassium

Foods rich in potassium are all great for reducing bloating by regulating your body’s fluids. Some of our favourite potassium-packed foods are:

3. Tea-tox

Herbal teas, particularly peppermint, ginger or fennel teas are a great way to reduce bloating. Add a slice of lemon or sprig of mint to make them more interesting. Sipping on tea is perfect during these colder months and helps to increase your water intake, all while helping to reduce the bloat after the weekend.

4. Hydrate

This may seem an obvious one, but one of the simplest and most effective ways to de-bloat is to make sure you drink plenty of water. Have an extra 500ml -1 litre more than you usually would have the day after you’ve over-indulged. When you don’t drink enough, your body tries to prevent dehydration by retaining water.

5. Go easy on the salt

Lots of the junk food that, is more often than not consumed on a weekend, is packed with sodium. The extra sodium slows the body’s ability to push water out of your cells, meaning the cells fill with water. This, in turn, can cause you to feel full and bloated. Replace salt with herbs, spices and ground black pepper.


While you might feel like you want to compensate for the over-eating by under-eating, this is actually the worse thing you can do. Be sure to fuel your body with the right nutrients it needs to get back on track. Eat plenty of protein, leafy greens and grains to keep your body full and functioning at its best.

Our IdealLean Protein is a great source of protein and has been designed specifically for women in fitness. And because we use pure whey protein isolate, with a very low lactose content, it doesn’t leave you feeling bloated like many other proteins out there. Stock up on your favourite flavours now!

Sophie Angell

Sophie Angell

Writer and expert

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