Health Trends Everyone’s Talking about in 2018

Health Trends Everyone’s Talking about in 2018

From the cabbage soup diet to ariel yoga, 2017 saw plenty of weird and wonderful health trends. 2018 is set to bring plenty more fitness and health trends and we’re here to tell you what should be on your radar this year!


No, it’s not summer and no, this isn’t for your BBQ, I mean obviously right? One new trend set to be hot (no pun intended) this year is the use of charcoal, sorry, ‘activated charcoal’ (’cause that makes it OK , sure). Activated charcoal is made by exposing coconut shells to extreme temperatures until they are essentially burnt, but for scientific purposes, we will say carbonised – see, burnt makes much more sense. The remains are then exposed to hot air, which ‘activates’ the ash-like substance, creating a microporous surface. In short, charcoal is said to be great for detox purposes, but apparently not so good for your digestive system!

Plant-based Proteins

health trends 2018 vegan protein

Thought avocados were going out of fashion? Think again. One of the biggest health trends for this year is vegan diets and proteins, with the number of vegans in the UK rising 350% in the last decade. The use of hemp and peas in diets, in particular, is going to be a focus in the vegan world this year. Still not sure if you’re ready to jump on the vegan bandwagon? Read about the benefits of vegan protein and why you’re going to want to start adding hemp and pea proteins to your diet ASAP.

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Beauty Booze

health trends 2018 non alcoholic cocktail

Ok, so we literally just made that name up. Basically, it’s a fancy way of saying non-alcoholic drinks and we’re not just talking about dry January either. 2018 is set to see a decrease in consumption of alcoholic beverages by health-conscious millenials, according to supermarket forecasters. We’re not just talking about diet coke and sparkling water either, we’re talking healthy mocktails, herb-infused tonic waters, and sobering sprizters! So get your glasses ready ladies!

 Gym Wear, Work Wear

health trends 2018 athleisure

If we could all just live in gym leggings 24-7 that would be great thanks. Well, 2018 might mean you could (almost). A new fashion trend for this year that we’re all excited to get invested in is ‘work-leisure’ attire. For a while brands such as Lululemon have been known for their leggings being worn outside of the gym and now more people are getting on board. Companies like Zara, Kit and Ace and Pull & Bear are all ones to watch for when it comes to sporting your sportswear at work this year.

Intermittent Fasting

Health trends 2018 blueberries

The cabbage soup and baby food diets might be history (here’s to hoping), but you probably won’t be suprised to hear that weight loss diets are still very much going to stick around this year. Intermittent fasting is likely to be a popular choice to lose the pounds in 2018 and here’s why. Research suggests that fasting for 16 hours and only having an eight hour period where you can eat, can actually help athletic performance, regulate blood sugar levels and even help with fat loss.

If you’re reading these health trends, wondering how much protein you need, if you should only be eating in your selected eight hour window or whether you should smother yourself in charcoal for the entirety of the year, you’re not alone. There are a lot of theories about the right way to achieve your goals and it would be practically impossible for us to follow them all. Take a read of IdealFit’s Guide to Getting Lean to help you earn your ideal this year.


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