Why Eating More Could Help You Lose Weight

Why Eating More Could Help You Lose Weight

Yes, that’s right, eating more (up to 6 meals a day) can actually help you lose more weight!

We’ve all tried the fad diets where we’re left feeling HANGRY, with little energy and enthusiasm for life – and rightly so! Who would feel any better when they’re not giving their body what it needs to survive? So, here’s my tips on how to create good eating habits to be able to eat more and lose weight.

Do You Eat In Front of the TV?

Our eating habits really could be making us put on weight. Eating whilst distracted, like watching TV, playing games, working, could mean you consume more calories.

watching tv eating popcorn

Studies have shown that we take in fewer calories when eating slower as eating more slowly results in feeling fuller sooner. It takes your brain approximately 20 minutes to send out signals that you’re full, therefore leisurely eating allows your brain to realise when you’ve had enough (i.e. before you’ve had the chance to demolish your body weight in food!) So, turn off the TV, put the work laptop away and take some time out to eat and enjoy your food slowly.

How Can Eating More Mean I Lose Weight?

Hallelujah, it’s actually true that you can eat more and still lose weight! So, let’s have a look how this works…

eating more healthy foods - meal prep

We are moving away from the traditional eating plans of 3 healthy meals a day to eating little and often throughout the day – up to 6 meals a day.

3 Benefits of Eating Little and Often

1. Your metabolism will speed up allowing your body to lose fat, reduce fat storage, aid digestion and distribute vital minerals and vitamins around the body more efficiently.

2. Stabilisation of your blood sugar levels, regulating your body’s insulin which will ultimately avoid peaks and troughs in cravings throughout the day.

3. Increase in your energy levels, therefore, you won’t get that late afternoon slump.

I understand the thought of eating more food will automatically put you into panic mode with the fear of putting on weight. To help you make the leap into eating little and often to lose weight, I have explained each meal below. Here I’ll show you the 6 meals a day and why you should each one. Plus, there’s even an overview of the macros it should include. Macros basically refer to protein, carbohydrates and fats.

Take a look at our guide to macros to learn more.

Your 6 Meals Explained

Meal 1 – After 6+ hours of fasting throughout the night your body needs nourishing so, the first meal you have should contain protein and carbohydrates. The mix of both elements will bring your blood sugar levels back up as they would have dropped throughout the night due to no food. Having a solid breakfast for your first meal will force your metabolism to start working. Imagine this as lighting up your inner furnace, keeping it fuelled throughout the day to keep the fats burning.

healthy porridge

Meal 2 – To make sure your metabolism doesn’t slow down we will have a small meal approx. 2.5 – 3hrs after breakfast. This meal is usually something easy to process and includes protein to allow the metabolic rate to speed up even more. A protein shake is a good option here.

Meal 3 – This consists of lean meat and carbohydrates, keeping the fats down to ensure you are burning fat throughout the day whilst active.

chicken and rice bowl

Meal 4 – A protein-based snack to keep you going and keep your metabolism fuelled.  This meal might also contain carbs depending on your goals. i.e. if you are going for weight loss we would keep the carbs to a minimum here.

chicken salad

Meal 5 – This is your evening meal which consists of something a little fattier than the daytime meals. These fats are good fats and essential to keep your body functioning efficiently. The fats in this meal will be harder for your body to breakdown causing your metabolism to slow which will leave you feeling fuller so, craving throughout the evening will lessen.

baked salmon and vegetabels

Meal 6 – Slow release casein shake. A casein-based shake is slow digesting so will leave you feeling fuller, help with recovery and reduce muscle breakdown throughout the night.

Will I See The Results Straight Away?

Results will vary for everyone. It may take a couple of weeks for your body to start responding and adjusting to the new routine, particularly if you have only been eating a few meals a day. For some people, this will be a lot more food than you are used to, and you might get to meal 4 and think “there is no way I can eat anymore” this is just showing you that your metabolism needs to speed up so, stick with it and in a few weeks, you’ll be devouring those meals and burning more and more fat. Remember your body will go through many changes when you add in a new routine, keep your end goal in sight and you will see the results even if it’s not immediately.

Emma S

Emma S

Writer and expert

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