Why You Should Ditch Your Morning Coffee | Negative Side Effects of Coffee

Why You Should Ditch Your Morning Coffee | Negative Side Effects of Coffee

A lot of us LOVE a morning, mid day, afternoon – ANYTIME coffee. Sometimes it’s what gets us through the day when energy levels are low. But drinking too much coffee is bad news and there are several negative side effects of coffee you need to be aware of.

One cup a day isn’t going to seriously affect your health and caffeine is a great way to increase energy before a workout. But if you’re relying on multiple cups a day it’s a different story. Find out in this article why you should consider ditching coffee or cutting down on coffee.

You’re Substituting Sleep for Coffee

Sometimes we all rely on coffee to help us get through those tried days. But consuming too much coffee can actually make you feel a lot worse in the long run. Coffee has a half-life of 4-6 hours and so if you’re drinking a lot later in the afternoon, you could be sacrificing a good night’s sleep. Coffee is well known to reduce the quality of sleep and as a result you’ll feel more tired the next, drink more coffee and the cycle continues. If you know you’re living off 5-6 hours sleep every night, you know there’s a problem.

Try consuming coffee before noon and earlier in the morning and from there on out look at green tea for a better substitution.

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Coffee Is Acidic

Coffee is very acidic which can have several negative side effect when we drink too much. For example, consuming too many acidic food such as as high protein foods, coffee, sweeteners, sugar, nuts (basically the diet of a female trying to lose body weight fast) can have major effects on our stomach acidity. This leads to poorer digestion, slow gastric emptying, food intolerances, IBS symptoms, heart burn and acid reflux on a regular basis. Not only that, but a very acidic diet is also damaging for recovery post workout and for bone density!

Consuming coffee alone won’t make your diet too acidic but too uch coffee can be a major contributor. Make sure you incorporate lots of alkaline foods such as vegetables in your diet. If you suffer from acid reflux or heart burn, swapping your coffee for a peppermint tea is a great way to help aid your digestion.

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Coffee Increase Anxiety

Too much coffee can not only make you irritable and give you the jitters but also leads to anxiety! This is because caffeine stimulates the adrenal glands which can make you feel more anxious. Combine that with no sleep and lots of exercise and you’re a walking ball of anxiety!

If you find yourself suffering from anxiety regularly, cutting out caffeine could benefit you in so many ways.

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Too Much Coffee Increases Your Tolerance & Eats into Your Pocket

That’s right! How many of us buy coffee on the go – especially when working. All those costa’s can really add up and unnecessarily take a huge chunk out of your monthly pay! Not only that, but the longer you drink coffee the more tolerant you become which mean it won’t even have the desired effect anymore!

By cutting down or cutting out coffee, you’ll save money and the odd cup will leave you full of energy.

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It Stains Your Teeth

We all want a pair of pearly whites right? Well coffee is a number one food when it comes to staining your teeth! So unless your rinsing and brushing your teeth after every cup you could be gradually discolouring your teeth over time!

I Cut Coffee Out & After a Week & This is What I Found…

Recently I made the decision to cut out coffee to improve my digestion and bone health. Usually I would consume around 3-4 coffees a day with 1-2 spoonful’s at a time.

The first day was tough. My day would always start with the gym at 6am and so I would rely on that 9am cup of coffee as soon as I arrived at work. To break the morning habit, I made a vegan shake for breakfast. By drinking a shake, it was similar to drinking a cup of coffee at my desk.

In the afternoon I chose to substitute coffee with green tea and peppermint tea. After a week I found my energy levels were a lot better. I was more positive, less irritable and anxious and snacked a lot less. But the main change was in my digestion. By just eating more vegetables and swapping coffee for peppermint tea I found my digestion was 10x better. No more acid reflux and tummy aches and a lot less bloating.

Overall, I crave the taste of coffee and will be enjoying a cup now and then but in moderation and on the odd occasion.

So the take home message here is – enjoy a cup of coffee but you should consider cutting down if:

  1. you rely on coffee for energy and lack sleep
  2. You suffer from digestive issues and acid reflux
  3. You have known low bone density
  4. You Suffer From anxiety

Sophie Angell

Sophie Angell

Writer and expert

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