5 Reasons Why You Should Stop Counting Calories

5 Reasons Why You Should Stop Counting Calories

Counting calories can be great at the start of your fitness journey. It allows you to see what’s in the food you’re eating and can help you control your portions properly. But 6 months later and suddenly you know exactly how many calories, grams of fat and carbs is in that apple or spoonful of tomato sauce. When counting calories begins to consume your day – that’s when you know it’s time to stop! Read the below reasons to why you should stop counting calories and start enjoying food guilt free!

1. You already Know – Stop Wasting time

That’s right – you know it! You know exactly what a portion of peanut butter is and exactly how many calories is in it! So why are we wasting time looking it up! Plus how many of us have sat during a meal and searched for the food – because god forbid we should miss it off my nutrition tracking app!

Sticking to your diet is key for results, but there is a way to be less OCD about entering everything into myfitness pal. If you know your down on calories for the day then you’ll already know a spoonful of peanut butter can help you. So stop wasting your precious time!

2. You’re Always Thinking About Food

Yep by entering your meals into myfitness pal every time you eat you’ll be more likely to think about food all the time. We all LOVE food – but if it’s all you think about then it’s a problem! Counting calories might lead you to start getting anxiety around certain foods and food groups. Not only that, but you’ll probably end up fantasising and dreaming about those high calorie foods you are perhaps avoiding!

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3. You Avoid Foods & Social Events

By counting calories, you could start to avoid certain food groups that are high in calories such as bread, pasta and nuts. In reality, it’s all about balance and even with a diet plan you should be looking to include some foods you enjoy – regardless of calories.

Not only that, but once you learn how many calories is in that Nandos with the extra sides that you love – there’s no going back! If counting calories Is making you avoid meals out with a fear that will be nothing to fit into your macros – then ditch it! You don’t need that negativity in your life! One meal will not ruin your goals and its really not worth missing life for.

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4. You Feel Guilty

The worst part about tracking your macros is adding a food to your tracking app AFTER you’ve eaten it, only to discover its high in sugar, calories and fat. By doing this you’re only going to make yourself feel guilty for what you’ve already eaten. In reality there’s no going back so why worry about something that cannot be changed? No one should feel guilty after eating foods – it’s not a crime!

4. You End Up Restricting & Bingeing

The worst side effect of counting calories and tracking your macros is that you may end up restricting and bingeing. This is a really negative habit that can make you depressed, stressed and feel out of control with eating and your body.

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Take Home Message

So guys, the take home message here is not that no one should track their calories. Tracking apps are great for learning more and staying on track with your diet. But If you don’t have a positive relationship with food, your body and dieting then counting calories can just become part of a control issue which can negatively affect your mental health. So be aware of the above signs and if you begin to notice any – stop counting the calories!

Sophie Angell

Sophie Angell

Writer and expert

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