Why Women Need Protein

Why Women Need Protein

We could tell you women need protein to support the body’s basic functions and that your hair and nails will thank you for it, and just leave it at that. Although all of these things are true of course, I’m sure many of you are more interested in knowing why women need protein to fuel their fitness journey.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re looking to lose a couple of pounds, tone up, lose a lot of weight, train for a marathon or simply create a healthier lifestyle for yourself, protein is an essential part of that and we’re here to tell you why.

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Women Need Protein to: Slim Down

As women, we are our own worst critics and we praise any of you that are 100% happy with the way you look! (And also envy you just slightly). We are always looking for new ways to lose weight and slim down and guess what? Protein is King (or Queen in our case) in helping you to do just that. We’re not talking about having 2 or 3 stone to lose either, even if its a few pounds here and there, protein is key in helping you.

Protein can aid weight loss due to something called the “thermic-effect”. This is something that happens every time we eat and our body digests the food.  A food’s thermic effect refers to how much energy your body has to burn to thoroughly metabolise that food and convert it into energy. Proteins have a higher thermic effect than any other type of food, which means that your body has to work harder to metabolise it than it does with other foods. And that means that you burn more calories! Win-win, right?

Women Need Protein to: Stay Lean

Now you’ve reached your ideal weight, you can kick back and enjoy right? Wrong. Unfortunately, maintaining your ideal weight takes a bit of work too! It goes without saying that you cannot return to old eating habits and quit your new found love for exercise (and why would you want to!) but you can do a few things to help. Upping your protein intake can help you stay at your ideal weight as it helps to maintain lean muscle mass.

In addition, when you eat more protein, your body produces more of its own protein too, which in turn helps to suppress your appetite. Similarly, protein keeps you fuller for longer than other food groups, which also results in eating less and keeping lean.

Women Need Protein to: Recover Faster

If you love working out, you’ll know that sometimes getting back in the gym the day after an intense workout can be exhausting! That’s where protein comes in. However, if working out every day or intensely isn’t hugely your bag, how about being a busy mum on the go? From running to the supermarket, picking the kids up from school and staying alert at work, protein helps you recover in all aspects of life.

Protein is, of course, essential post-workout and promotes muscle adaptation by:
-Helping your body repair muscle fibers.
-Promoting new protein generation in muscles.
-Restoring depleted energy.

Women Need Protein to: Boost Immunity

So we know that women need protein to grow and repair muscles. However, your body needs protein to grow and repair, well everything, in particular, your immune system.  The antibodies in your body that help you fight off viruses are actually made of protein, therefore your body needs extra protein to be able to maintain your immunities.

In short, you need protein to lose weight, to maintain a healthy weight, to recover quickly and to keep a healthy immune system. One of the best proteins to enhance your immunity is actually whey protein and our IdealLean Protein comes with 23g of per serving!

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Sophie Seddon

Sophie Seddon

Lifestyle Editor

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