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These rainbow protein balls are another delicious recipe from @_hannaheats!

This recipe is super easy to follow, requires absolutely no baking (which makes it the perfect snack to make if you aren’t keen on baking) and it takes only 5 minutes to whip up these protein-powered treats, which you can pop into your lunch box to have as a healthy treat while at work or university!

bowl of rainbow protein balls with chocolate ideallean protein in background


40g Coconut flour

10g Honey (1.5 tsp)

30g IdealLean protein powder (I used chocolate but any would work!)

2tbsp hundreds & thousands sprinkles

80g nut butter (any smooth nut butter will work)

30ml boiling water

rainbow protein balls with ideallean chocolate protein in background


Mix all of the ingredients together in a large bowl.

Roll the mixture in to bite size balls.

Keep in the fridge!

birdseye view of rainbow protein balls in white bowl on checkered cloth


Did you enjoy this IdealLean protein-powered recipe by @_hannaheats? If you enjoyed these rainbow protein balls we know you will LOVE her protein chocolate caramel slice recipe, available HERE!


Kat Myers

Kat Myers


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