What Are The Beauty Benefits Of Protein Supplements?

What Are The Beauty Benefits Of Protein Supplements?

Firstly, we are ALL beautiful and no amount of make-up or supplements are needed to prove that! And yet, some of the beauty benefits of protein supplements listed here could help us acheive that walking on sunshine feeling.

Just because we should all love ourselves and be comfortable with the way we look, the reality is, we don’t always feel like that. Occasionally, we find ourselves wishing for clearer skin, thicker hair or better nails or slimmer arms (I mean, the list could go on). Sometimes this can be taken to extreme lengths and it’s important to remember that beauty really isn’t about what’s on the outside!

Beauty Benefits of Protein: Healthy Hair

Beauty Benefits of Protein: Healthy Hair

Thicker Hair

That’s right ladies, looking for thick, long locks? Then look no further! Taking protein can help you have a voluptuous head of hair and keep it looking thick, healthy and glossy!

Say Goodbye To Dandruff

Ok, so the thought of rubbing protein on your hair may not be appealing, but hear us out! Using protein on your hair can reduce dandruff and keep your scalp clean and oil free.

Helps With Hair Loss

Science aside, not getting enough protein in your diet can actually lead to premature hair loss. IdealFit’s protein is whey protein concentrate which can actually promote hair growth and prevent loss.

Protein Supplements For Glowing Skin

Beauty Benefits of Protein: Glowing Skin

Stay Youthful

With anti-aging products being so prominent in the beauty market, we’re so happy to tell you that you don’t need to spend half your monthly salary on creams and lotions to try and keep your skin looking youthful! Next time you take a bath, try adding a couple of cups of whey protein into it! This can help to rejuvenate skin and restore its pH value.

Healthy Skin

Collagen is the protein in our bodies that provides our skin with its elasticity and by increasing your protein intake, you can actually increase the amount of collagen found in your body. The more collagen, the more firm and fresh your skin looks (think of it as free botox – just slightly more subtle!). The amino acids also found in our protein will help to maintain the firmness of your skin too.

Protein Powder For Stronger Nails

Beauty Benefits of Protein: Stronger Nails

Ever tire of your beautifully filed and polished nails (OK, so sometimes they are) cracking and splitting for no good reason? The appearance of your nails can be reflective of your diet and not consuming enough protein is one of the biggest reasons they’re not as strong and shiny as you’d like. Adding more protein to your diet can help to strengthen your nails and keep your fingertips looking lovely!

Added beauty benefits of protein are just another reason to make sure you are getting enough in your diet. Plus, our unique vitamin blend contributes even further to these.

However, aside from giving you glowing skin and luscious locks, there are a number of reasons why women need protein. Find out more and stock up on your favourite flavours today!

Looking for more nutritional advice? Check out our guide to supplements for women for more information.


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Sophie Seddon

Sophie Seddon

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