The ABCs of BCAAs for Women

The ABCs of BCAAs for Women

Anyone who trains regularly will understand the struggle to walk down the stairs, get out of bed, or even sit on the toilet the day after leg day (and sometimes the day after that too)! That’s what we call delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS), and wow, can it hurt!

In simple terms, DOMs occurs after and intense training session because your muscles are broken down and then rebuilt, leading to greater stamina and strength as the muscle recovers. However, while many women understand the importance of an effective workout routine to help them to achieve their health and fitness goals, the refuel and recovery process is often overlooked, meaning so many are missing on the right muscle-building nutrients that their body need to recover effectively and take your results to the next level.

So, what are these special muscle-building nutrients? They’re called branch-chain amino acids and they could be the key to maximising your results!

What are BCAAs?

Branch-chain amino acids, often referred to as BCAAs in the health and fitness world, are 3 essential amino acids (specifically leucine, isoleucine and valine). The term ‘essential’ means that they can’t be produced by the body, therefore, you must consume BCAAs through protein sources such as meat, dairy products, pulses and nuts.

BCAAs will work to compliment your fitness routine by improving workout performance and reducing muscle breakdown, meaning you will recover more effectively after an intense workout. As a result, you can get back to the gym quicker to reach your goals faster!



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Getting a sufficient amount of BCAAs through your diet alone can be difficult and many women find it easier and more convenient to use a supplement to help them increase their amino acid intake.

BCAA Benefits

Burning fat and building muscle are amongst the most common goals of women looking to achieve a lean, strong physique. Although BCAAs alone won’t magically give you the glutes of your dreams, when combined with a challenging training programme, BCAAs will help to positively impact your workout regime and aid recovery – which is the next best thing!

Building a Lean Physique


You can’t wish to build muscle if you don’t refuel your body correctly after a workout. Once your muscles have been worked and torn down during exercise, it is so important to supply them with essential nutrients, such as BCAAs, to aid the recovery process and rebuild them, stronger and leaner. The amino acid, leucine, in particular, has been proven to directly enhance muscle development, helping to maximise your efforts in the gym.

Muscle Soreness

Getting your BCAAs in before and after a workout will help to put those DOMS at ease! Although the stiffness that follows a heavy session is a pretty good indication that you worked your body hard, prolonged or extremely intense soreness may keep you out of the gym for longer than you wanted, or may contribute to a mediocre training session, and there’s nothing worse than leaving the gym knowing that you could have worked harder. You can help to combat your muscle soreness simply by adding BCAAs to your diet.

Why should I use a BCAA supplement?

If you’re serious about progressing with your fitness regime and pushing your body to the limit, BCAAs could be your fast track recovery method to getting back into the gym and hitting even bigger and better targets. Don’t let those DOMS get the better of you!

Karina Elle

Karina Elle

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