The 15 Day Fit Body Challenge to Kick-start Your Fitness Journey

The 15 Day Fit Body Challenge to Kick-start Your Fitness Journey

Getting started is always the hardest part! Whether you’ve had an indulgent weekend or just simply lacking motivation, we all need a bit of help sometimes to kick-start our fitness routines. That’s why I’ve created the 15 Day Fit Body Challenge – to get you back on track and inspire you to build fitness around your lifestyle, rather than see it as a chore!

Getting fit doesn’t have to mean doing hours of boring cardio, with my 15 Day Fit Body Challenge, you’re only required to train for 20 minutes a day! And it’s FREE! There’s really no room for any excuses.


What is the 15 Day Fit Body Challenge?


The 15 Day Fit Body Challenge is a FREE  healthy lifestyle concept that anyone can use, designed by me, Certified Nutritionist and Trainer, Lindsey Mathews.

It includes:

  • Effective 20-minute workouts to encourage your body to burn fat
  • Delicious healthy meal plans
  • Free training, coaching, and support
  • A private Facebook group of fellow Challengers


Whether your aim is to get fit, stay fit or break through a training plateau, you’ll love this challenge! The workouts may only be 20 minutes long, but they’re high intensity and you’re guaranteed to sweat! If you’re determined to see results and ready to commit to pushing yourself to your maximum capacity for the duration of each workout, this challenge could really help you jumpstart your journey to a lean, strong physique.

Check out my Day 1 workout:

“I love this program! It has taught me easy tips and tricks for getting fit and it has helped me to jump start a better lifestyle after recently having a baby.” -Kelly

Why does it work?


  • As a Certified Nutritionist and Trainer, I designed the 15 Day Fit Body Challenge to help women jumpstart the lean body they want. If followed correctly, my workouts and meal plans will help you see results!
  • You’ll get support from a community of other Challengers on Facebook. You’ll join a private group where you can discuss meals and workouts and share your progress!
  • As a 15 Day Fit Body Challenge participant, you’ll get training, coaching, and support from me. All of your questions will be answered!

Best of all? It’s FREE!

Are you ready to start your 15 Day Fit Body Challenge and start seeing the results fast?

Are YOU ready?

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Lindsey Mathews

Lindsey Mathews

Head Trainer

Certified nutritionist, personal trainer and head ambassador at IdealFit.

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