How to Tone Your Inner Thighs

How to Tone Your Inner Thighs

So many women dream of having the perfect ‘thigh gap’ and although this may be desired, it isn’t always healthy. Instead, you should have a more positive mindset on thigh toning exercises to achieve a more slender, but muscular look. We’ve come up with a list of great exercises to tone up your thighs and keep you feeling body confident.

Thigh-toning exercise 1. Sumo squats

Like your conventional squat, except this time you want a much wider stance. Take a larger step so your legs are further apart than when doing a regular squat, have your knees pointing the same way as your toes and bend down in the normal squat position. You should feel the burn in the inner thighs if you go low enough.

woman in idealfit gym clothing doing a sumo squat

2. Side Squat Kick

This one kind of looks like a Zumba move. Squat down, stand up and kick to the side. As well as helping to build your booty, the added kick is an extra move to help you tone your thighs. Alternate legs or do 10 kicks one side, followed by 10 the other.

woman in idealfit gym clothing doing a side kick

3. Donkey Kick Crossover

Get down onto your hands and knees and keep the left knee bent whilst you lift it up in the air behind you, then take it across the other leg and back up and down. Repeat on both sides. This alteration of the donkey kicks works your outer glute and inner thigh so it’s a double whammy!

woman in idealfit gym clothing doing a donkey kick

4. Side Lunge

The side lunge is an easy variation of the lunge and is a great thigh toning exercise. Take a normal standing position and then with your left leg, take a large step to the side. Your foot and knee should both be in line and facing forward so you don’t injure yourself. Do 10 with the left leg and then repeat with the right leg. This targets the inner thigh muscles more than a normal lunge.

woman in idealfit gym clothing doing a side lunge

You can even create a great lower body HIIT workout with these inner thigh exercises to tone up and to help keep your legs strong. Be sure to refuel with IdealFit Protein after the workout to give your body the muscle-building nutrients it needs.

 idealfit protein and sports bra

Eryn Barber

Eryn Barber

Personal Trainer

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