Why We Love IdealFit Omega 3 Capsules

We are in LOVE with our new Omega 3 capsules, and not just because they make your heart happy!

IdealFit Omega 3 Capsules contain EPA and DHA, two fatty acids that are easily digested and that both contribute to healthy heart function.


Why Should I Take IdealFit Multivitamins?

Our Multivitamin a must for your gym bag! This 1 a day capsule can help you easily increae your vitamin & mineral intake to help you recover more quickily after a workout & contribute to muscle maintenance.

Plus, they’ve even been developed with your beauty needs in mind, contributing to healthy hair, skin and nails!


What Are IdealFit CLA Capsules?

IdealFit CLA Capsules contain a mixture of essential fatty acids that your body cannot produce on its own. When used along-side a healthy diet and exercise regime CLA is often taken by individuals looking to improve body composition, fat loss and skin toning.


Why You’ll Want to Buy Our IdealFit Thermo Pills

IdealFit Thermo pills contain an effective thermogenic blend of vitamins B6, B12, chromium, caffeine, L carnitine, glucomannan & green tea to help support weight loss goals.

By reducing tiredness & supporting macronutrient metabolism you can stay on top form and even help regulate blood-sugar levels pre and post workout.


Can’t decide which of our health supplements to choose from?

Why not try one of our new bundles? We’ve got you covered with our weight loss bundle, essential supplements bundle and core supplement bundle!